Storyboards for films

I'm an illustrator, storyboard artist and graphic designer working in both entertainment et commercial fields.

Visualize. Approve. Produce.

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  • Simple & Fast

    I’ve been working on storyboards for the past three years, with clients and agencies so I’m familiar with the process and very used to tight deadlines

  • International projects

    I usually work with many teams from around the world. From Mumbai to Sao Paulo, New-York to Barcelona. Google Meet ans Skype are my friends.

I’m used to international projects and teams

Enjoy the advantages of another time zone to fit your deadline

  • America

    • USA (NY, LA)
    • Mexico
    • Sao Paulo
  • Europe

    • Paris
    • London
    • Barcelona
  • Asia

    • Singapore
    • Mumbai
    • Hong-Kong

About me

My name is Baptiste, I'm a 26 years old illustrator and designer based in Paris, France. 

Let’s work together 😛

I’m always available to discuss your project. Send me an email with your questions and the details of your project